Pro Clear

This is a transparent, colourless barrier that protects vulnerable substrates from attack by water and chlorides. Pro Clear will provide a barrier that resists the intrusion of water without affecting the appearance of the wall. This is a single component system that penetrates deep into the surface of the wall and reacts to produce a water-repellent barrier. This barrier is able to resist penetrating damp and erosion whilst still allowing the wall to breathe. Pro Clear is able to withstand natural contraction and expansion caused by severe weathering.

Pro Clear - water penetrated

TREATED - Water is resisted and beads up   on the surface. The treatment is invisible and does not alter the appearance of the surface.

UNTREATED - Water penetrates the surface.


It is best used on an unpainted surface such as brick, stone, masonry, stucco, pebbledash, tyrolean or spar dash where the appearance of the wall does not need to be altered but where protection against erosion and water ingress is still needed.

How it works

When Pro Clear is applied to your home it becomes part of the surface. A silicone barrier is formed in the capillary channels (the billions of voids or microscopic holes within your walls that allow moisture to pass into the house), meaning that essentially all these tiny holes are filled with a water repelling substance anchoring the barrier deep within the wall. This resists damp penetrating the wall. After Pro Clear has been applied, rainwater is repelled from the surface and runs off the surface.


  • Resists penetration damp.
  • Still enables the wall to breath.
  • Penetrates deep into substrates.
  • Does not affect surface appearance.
  • Insulates your home from the cold.
  • Stops erosion of the wall from extreme weathering.
  • Resists both water and chloride.
  • Prevents freeze thaw cracking in the wall as water penetration is resisted.
  • Lowers maintenance costs.
  • Cleans the appearance of the wall.
  • Available for surfaces from the front of a small terraced property to the entirety a large country mansion.

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