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Decorate the walls of your property with our range of long life exterior wall coatings. We operate throughout the south of England and we are based in Kent. We specialise in the application of protective wall coatings that provide weatherproofing and also prevent the need for regular exterior house painting. The high quality coating systems provide a first class attractive finish and in addition to our experienced applicators we can transform the appearance of any property.

The hard wearing and durable nature of our wall coating systems means you can invest in the freedom from regular exterior maintenance. Our spray wall coating systems will outlast conventional paint by many times so you can avoid the hassle of regular exterior house painting and save on the associated costs such as scaffolding. Our exterior wall coatings come guaranteed for up to 15 years.

Long Life Wall Coatings

Some of the wall coating systems we apply have excellent weatherproofing qualities and provide a protective membrane, shielding masonry walls from the elements and resisting penetrating damp. Whilst they resist penetrating damp they are able to breath through their microporous nature. The breathable wall coatings will not only protect a property from the harshest weather conditions but they also provide a high quality professional finish. They are available in a range of standard colours and special colour orders can be placed to match existing colours.

Exterior coatings are applied much thicker than normal paints (up to 40 times the thickness for some coatings). The extra thickness helps to cover repair work and imperfections on a rendered wall that would simply show through a normal layer of paint. The extra thickness also helps to increase the life span of the coatings and also makes them very weather resistant.

The wall coatings we use come in a range of different textures from very fine up to some very coarse textures. There are also smooth (untextured) coatings that we work with. The textured nature of the coatings helps to blend in scars and hide previous poor repair work creating a more uniform and attractive finish. Samples of the different textures available can be inspected when an appointment is booked to receive a free quotation.

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We use high performance wall coating systems from a number of reputable manufacturers. Different wall coating systems can have different features such as elastomeric or anti carbonation etc so it is important to specify the right system for the given situation and wall surface and this is something we can advise you on. With the range of different wall coatings we use we can cater for a variety of customer requirements and exterior surfaces. Read more about our exterior wall coatings here.

Wall Render

Our company also offers a professional wall render service that includes full exterior rendering projects to repair and restoration projects. Our wall render service has a range of exterior coloured renders to give you maximum choice and to suit your home. Monocouche or coloured rendering provides walls with both protection and a very long lasting, attractive finish in your chosen colour.

Traditional methods involve the application of two coats on to an exterior wall that then needs decorating by either painting or coating. Monocouche renders (also known as Through Colour Renders) can often be applied in one, simple coat and because your chosen colour is within the render itself, it never has to be painted or decorated again. Our wall renders are very long lasting and are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your property. Their application can incorporate a flexible mesh to minimise cracking on properties that may be more prone to movement. Our wall renders are provided by established manufacturers such as Weber and K-Rend and come fully guaranteed. Find out more about our wall render service and products.

External House Painting

Regular exterior house painting can become quite costly when this has to be revisited every few years. There is also the hassle of having to get quotes and find a good contractor to do the work. Whilst there are many painters and decorators, finding one that is skilled and competent at repairing smooth render, pebbledash or other exterior surfaces is very difficult as they often just want to apply the paint itself. Pick the wrong external house painter and their repairs could stand out like a sore thumb, ruining the appearence of the property. Our applicators are skilled and well practiced at doing external repairs and strive to achieve invisible, long lasting repairs. The systems we work with have many benefits over traditional exterior house painting.

We invite you to look around our website and find out more about the exterior wall coatings and coloured rendering services that we offer. You can contact us at our office in Kent on 0800 145 5161, by email at or through the contact form

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