Case Studies

Click each image of a project below for more information and photographs:

Covering a pebbledash exterior in long-lasting protective wall coating - Case Study 1, Image 4.
Repainting facia boards and applying a protective wall coating - Case Study 2, Image 2a.
Replacing pointing & refacing bricks then spraying protective wall coating - Case Study 3, Image 2a.
Long-life wall coating application - Case Study 4, Image 3.
Colour-matched wall rendering - Case Study 5, Image 3.
Rendering the walls of a historic block of flats - Case Study 6, Image 2.
Re-rendering a house - Case Study 7, Image 1.
Monocouche render on a house - Case Study 8, Image 3.
Spray applied coating on a building - Case Study 9, Image 4.
Applying a through coloured render - Case Study 10, Image 3.
Spray applying a textured coating to a house - Case Study 11, Image 3.
Replacing loose paint and render - Case Study 12, Image 8.

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