Spray and Trowel Applied Wall Coatings

Apex Coating Services work with a number of different exterior coating systems. These systems are applied by a variety of different methods, some are brush/roller applied but more commonly they are spray or trowel applied.

Many other companies in our industry may only use one product which uses just one of the application methods mentioned above. They are therefore quick to criticise and find fault with other methods of application and the corresponding products, a very unprofessional approach. In reality, there are some very good coating systems on the market today and even though every application method has its pro’s and con’s, providing they are applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, they will achieve good results.


 Spray Applied Wall Coatings

  • Allows for very fast application
  • Cannot be applied in very windy conditions
  • Ideal for rough surfaces such as pebbledash
  • Can often be applied without scaffolding
  • Expensive specialist spray equipment required


Trowel Applied Wall Coatings

  • Less masking required
  • Allows for a very thick film of coating
  • Very heavy textures can be created (Bark/artex effect)
  • Usually requires a backing render for best results
  • Normally requires scaffolding
  • Only a trowel and hawk required


Contact us for advice on which may be more suitable for your property.

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