Self Cleaning Paints & Hydrophobic Coatings

Self Cleaning Paints and Hydrophobic Coatings by Apex Coating Services

Apex Coating Services specialises in self-cleaning and hydrophobic exterior wall coatings. Our self-cleaning paints and hydrophobic coatings protect your walls from dirt and grime and make sure they stay clean and dirt-free for longer.

Our self-cleaning and hydrophobic coatings are professionally installed by our highly skilled and experienced team who always provide an outstanding service at all times.

With 29 years of experience in the rendering and coatings industry, we are dedicated to working at the highest standards and only use products from the most established manufacturers in the industry.

We are Trustmark accredited, and as part of this scheme, offer insurance backed guarantees on all projects.

Rendering over pebbledash on a semi-detached house. Smoothing out pebbledash on a semi-detached house.


What are Self-Cleaning and Hydrophobic Coatings and How Do They Work?

Self-cleaning paints use ultra-hydrophobic nanotechnology. This technology was developed in the 1960s when the self-cleaning properties of certain insects and plants were investigated. The leaves of plants such as nelumbo (aka lotus) have a “lotus effect” – particles of dirt are collected by water droplets due to the nanoscopic architecture of the surface which reduces the droplet’s adhesion.

The hydrophobicity of a surface is often measured by its contact angle. The greater the contact angle the higher the hydrophobicity of the surface. Surfaces with a contact angle of greater than 90 degrees are referred to as hydrophobic. Some plants have contact angles of up to 160 degrees meaning that only 2-3% of a water droplet is in contact. All this results in a self-cleaning effect.

Good quality hydrophobic coatings can create a microscopically textured surface with a contact angle of 140 degrees. This results in rainwater beading up and running across the surface of a façade. These beads of rainwater collect dirt and other contaminants as they run across the surface, cleaning the surface as rain falls.


Benefits of Self-Cleaning and Hydrophobic Coatings


Our Quality Coating Products

We work with a number of exceptional self-cleaning paints and superhydrophobic coatings. We use only the most renowned and industry-leading products to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting application. All of the products we use are available in a wide variety of colours to suit a variety of properties and are tailored to your specific needs.


Project Gallery

Browse our gallery to view some of our recent exterior coatings projects or check out our case studies here.

Covering a pebbledash exterior in long-lasting protective wall coating - Case Study 1, Image 4a. Freshly rendered house, Essex. Replacing loose paint and render - Case Study 12, Image 8.


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