Exterior House Painting & Masonry Wall Coatings

Have you got flaking, peeling, cracked exterior paint?

Regular exterior house painting can be a hassle most of us could do without. It can also become quite costly if this has to be revisited every few years especially if there are associated costs involved such as hiring scaffolding for awkward to access areas. The exterior wall coating systems we work with can significantly outlast normal paint and are guaranteed for up to 15 years. They also have far greater weather resistance and can provide a more attractive appearance.

The traditional method of painting is obviously to use a brush or a roller which is relatively easy on a smooth masonry surface. However, painting a house which has a very rough exterior surface such as spar dash, roughcast or pebbledash can be very difficult. Many coats of paint will be required to get decent coverage and even then, by the nature of how the paint was applied, some hard to reach pockets may only have a very thin film of paint which is not ideal for the longevity of the paint. Many of the systems we use are high-pressure spray applied so are ideal for rough exterior masonry surfaces. They can usually be installed in a single application and achieve a consistent film thickness and a professional uniform appearance.

A lot of properties that require exterior painting may also need repairs to the underlying surface at the same time. This could be cracks that need repairing or blown render that needs to be hacked off and replaced with a new render. It can be difficult to do these repairs so that they are 100% invisible and blend into the surface. Normal exterior paint is applied quite thin so any imperfection on the surface of a wall will show through and this can ruin the appearance of a home’s façade. The exterior wall coating systems that we work with are applied many times thicker (up to 40 times the thickness depending on the system) than normal exterior paint so their ability to cover surface imperfections and repair work is much greater. The use of a surface texture can also further increase the exterior coating’s ability to hide scars and other imperfections and create an attractive and uniform finish. Exterior wall coatings are available in many grades of texture and samples can be examined if you request a quotation.

Exterior wall coatings are suitable for most masonry surfaces such as:

  • Pebbledash
  • Smooth render
  • Tyrolean
  • Spar dash
  • Rough Cast
  • Brick
  • Breezeblock

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