Exterior Rendering & Repairs

Apex Coating Services undertake many aspects of exterior rendering, from repairs to an existing render surface to full re-rendering of an entire property.

Many properties we work on often require many patch repairs in a single elevation. To carry out these repairs so that they blend into the surrounding surfaces can sometimes be quite challenging. This issue comes even more difficult if a specific texture has to be matched. Finding a builder who is skilled at doing repairs in this way can be difficult. Our applicators carry out this sort of work most days and are therefore well practiced and skilled at blending in patch repairs. We always strive to achieve invisible external render repairs and utilising a textured exterior wall coating system can further help to conceal repairs and achieve a uniform appearance.

We work on many different types of render including:

  • Cement render
  • Pebbledash
  • Roughcast
  • Tyrolean
  • Spar Dash

When doing re-rendering we use high quality renders that are polymer modified to give excellent adhesion qualities and long life spans such as GRC render (Glass Fibre Reinforced). The incorporation of an alkali resistant mesh can also further add to the strength of the render and increase crack resistance. GRC render is suitable for most substrates.

Scaffolding will normally be required where large amounts of rendering is required due to the nature in which the render is applied. We can organise scaffolding and get quotes for a customer if we are requested to do so. Where less rendering is required the work can often be completed from ladders (providing access is relatively straight forward) and this helps to keep costs down.

There are many different forms of render available today. To read about the main different forms of render please read our article on what is rendering?

Please visit our case studies page to see some examples of rendering projects we have been involved with.

Exterior Wall Rendering Services & RepairsExterior Wall Rendering

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